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Your Boudoir Shoot

That's what boudoir is all about, loving the fuck out of your body, all your perfect flaws.
Now sure, it can most definitely be a gift for a special someone but what you're saying to them also is that you appreciate the love they have for your body and you're finally embracing that love for yourself too.

There's a lot to say about your boudoir session and if you're like me you're a skimmer of words to get to the juicy stuff! SO here are the FAQ!

I don't know WTF I'm doing 

I don't look like the women in your images

How much is a shoot



THAT's A-OK. I am there 100% of the way guiding you and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help work through the nerves

YES YOU DO!! I love working with women and I have a diverse clientele and you absolutely fit in. I promise! 

THATS RIGHT!! Here at Boudoir Queen we have finance available through Pay Right. Interest free! So whilst youre investing in yourself you can also take advantage of getting your products up front and paying off your shoot 

Like you! I love my weekends for my family so you have the choice of a week-day for your boudoir shoot which will be held in a hotel in the Canberra area (I have my faves) I hear you 'I work during the week' and I totally understand so look at this as the perfect opportunity to take a day off and splurge.

If a week day really is a no go then I have on offer a select Saturday or Sunday once a month.

To book a boudoir shoot there is a $300 non refundable session fee. This includes your hair, professional make up artist and the shoot itself. 

From there you choose your products which begin at $1000, on average though clients spend $2000 on their boudoir session.

ey there you glorious woman! YAY! to finding your way to Boudoir Queen, where I want all my clients to hail themselves ;)



haos! Absolutely effing chaos! But I wouldnt be me without that bit of crazy now would I?

I could tell you here that I've shot boudoir specifically for 6 years, that I have a bunch of kids and that old school RNB is my jam when shooting BUT!!! What I think you really need to know about me is the WHY!

Shooting intimate empowering portraits of women heals me!
Heals a lifetime of trying to be prettier, thinner, more likeable, popular and all those other damn things in between. You know what im talking about right? That somewhere along the way we were told we were less than, that a boy wouldn't like us if we were too loud or dressed too slutty.

My work is saying a big FUCK YOU to anyone that ever made you feel like you were too extra, that your body wasn't yours and lastly for you to walk away with a new found love for yourself.


I believe women should love the fuck out of their flaws.


If you have some burning questions I haven't quite answered here or your keen to go ahead and book your boudoir shoot then fill the below and I'll get back to you in a click.

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Thank you!

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